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Designed for the non-technical Hypnotherapist, The Hypno-Com has been described as 'A consulting room in a box'. It mixes the therapist's voice with background music, or other sounds, whilst eliminating noisy backgrounds i.e. traffic, hospital situations.

It can be used to record live consultations seamlessly mixed with background music directly onto a mobile phone, ipad, or Laptop.

The Hypno-Com kit includes full wiring, mains adapter and 2 sets of quality headphones/microphones

"I would like to offer my sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude to Kevin of Hypno-Quip for selling me the Hypno-com. Not because the product itself is excellent value ... which it is ... and not because of Kevin's open, honest and genuinely caring approach on the telephone ... which he has ... but because the Hypno-com is, quite simply, amazing!!! My first training was with a school where they absolutely rejected augmenting hypnosis with any form of technology, whether that be binaural beats, subliminal affirmations, or even just soothing music. My own research kept pointing me at the use of these things as a way to genuinely offer a more effective service to clients ... and so I took the plunge and contacted Kevin. Now? I cannot imagine taking a client without it, such is the impact it has had on my work. I feel that it helps to ease the client into trance faster and more effectively, both because it limits distractions and it allows me to adjust the emphasis of my voice easily. It's real power comes, however, when you want to blend in the technology ... such as creating the ambience of a hospital for a virtual gastric band operation ... which really helps to bring the session to life in the mind's eye. If you're a Hypnotherapist and you've never tried the Hypno-com, please take this opportunity to step into the 21st Century and add this tool to your arsenal ... neither you, nor your clients, will ever regret the investment."

We have been manufacturing the Hypno-com for over 31 years, (since 1991) so we know that we can offer a cast iron, no quibble 2 year guarantee on both parts and labour (Headsets 1 year).

The name Hypno-Com was founded by Hypnotherapy Equipment UK well over 30 years ago. A genuine new Hypno-Com 7 pro can only be purchased here from Hypnotherapy Equipment UK Ltd. We do not sell through third parties or other agents. If it's not purchased from Hypnotherapy Equipment UK then it is probably not a genuine Hypno-Com.

Hypno-com 7 pro Price £335.00

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