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I came from an engineering background into hypnotherapy, and to be honest the two vocations to me have strong similarities in whether it’s a machine or a person, both present a problem that needs to be fixed, sometimes the problem may only require a small adjustment and sometimes it’s a bit more involved.

My original training was as a hypnotherapy student with the IAH (International Association of Hypno-Analysts) in 1990/91 and in a section of the course syllabus it was suggested that we should try and create a hypno-spiral, an eye fixation device as a visual aid to help with hypnotic inductions. Well coming from an engineering background, making things was right up my street so I created a rotating spiral mounted to a small battery driven electric motor, it was enclosed quite neatly into a nice plastic case that could be either free standing or hung on a wall.

It was by chance that I took this device to a training seminar at Sheffield in order to show it to a colleague during the coffee break. The trainer Neil French caught sight of the machine and suggested that I should make a small batch of the spirals for some of the other students. A few orders were placed during the seminar and I suppose that is how and when Hypnotherapy Equipment UK first started.

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A few months later, towards the latter end of the IAH training syllabus, we students were asked to create a recorded sample of a hypnosis session where we would be marked on the induction, the script, the delivery and the quality etc.
It was basically to see if we could do the job. Back in those days recordings were made using cassette recorders, this wasn’t too challenging until you wanted to add a background music track, then it became a bit more tricky. Anyway I made my sample cassette and it past muster, however I got to thinking that this could be made a lot easier….and this is where my brother Bob came in very useful.

Brother Bob was an intercom designer and manufacturer; he developed high performance intercom systems for the military etc. I asked Bob if he could rig me up with an intercom system that would allow me to work with a client via headphones and mic where I could add background music to blank out intrusive background sounds, and it would need a recording output socket.
Bob made me a one-off system for my own use which worked great and just like before with spiral I took it with me to a hypno training weekend to show a fellow student in the coffee break, some onlookers tried it, liked it and asked if I could make them one and the Hypno-com (Hypnosis Intercom) was born.

It was similar story with the birth of the Biofeedback Monitor and here we are 30+ years later still manufacturing Hypno-Coms and Biofeedback Monitors for Hypnotherapists around the world. We dropped the production of the Spirals in 1996, when the supply of special motors dried up.

Throughout the years both devices have had constant upgrades to keep up with technology and although the Hypno-Com-7 has a retro look internally its circuit design is very modern and extremely reliable and we have sold thousands of items worldwide.


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