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    Spare sensor lead for the Bio-Feedback Monitor – suitable for both expert and professional models. Gold-plated sensors.



    The GSR2-Expert is a brand new addition; it has all of the benefits of the original Pro series but is much more compact, and has some other useful improvements, the screen is more inclined for easier viewing and it has a nice ‘chunky’ feel, the new graphics are now screen printed into the bespoke case and the colours mimic the new colours of the new Hypno-Com 7. It gives the therapist a very accurate indication of the client’s current emotional state when they first arrive for treatment, a datum point from which to work from, and consequently shows the client’s improvement as therapy progresses. This feedback is useful for both client and the therapist. It gives the therapist a very clear visible indication of how a client is reacting to a hypnotic induction and how they are feeling at a subconscious level whilst in hypnosis.


    SPECIAL OFFER – All new Hypno-coms 8’s purchased are currently supplied with a full set of copyright-free music tracks via We-Transfer, worth £45

    Designed for the non-technical Hypnotherapist, the Hypno-Com’s deliberate Retro design cleverly conceals it’s up to date electronics and makes it very easy to use for therapists of all ages and from all eras. Often been described as ‘a consulting room in a box’ It mixes the therapist’s voice with background music or other sounds such as ocean waves etc, whilst eliminating noisy background sounds such as traffic and adjacent clinics, offices etc.

    It can also be used to record live consultations seamlessly mixed with background music directly onto a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

    The standard Hypno-Com kit includes full wiring, mains adapter and 2 sets of the New Premium Headsets.

    It will work on all domestic mains voltage supplies worldwide, an appropriate adapter may be required please add an appropriate adapter to your basket.

    We supply mains adapters for use in Europe, USA and Australia.


    Note. To make recordings please also add the mobile link and mobile adapter to your basket.


  • Hypno-Com Mobile / Tablet Recording Kit


    Capture the mesmerizing world of Hypno-Com with our cutting-edge Mobile/Tablet Recording Kit. Designed to bring convenience and versatility to your hypnotic experiences, this comprehensive kit includes everything you need to seamlessly connect your Hypno-Com device to your mobile phone or tablet.

    What’s Included in the Kit:

    1. Hypno-Com to Mobile Link Cable: Our specially crafted link cable ensures a secure and reliable connection between your Hypno-Com device and your mobile device. Experience uninterrupted synchronization for a truly immersive experience.
    2. Mobile Link Adapter: This innovative adapter acts as a bridge between your Hypno-Com and your mobile device, allowing you to effortlessly control and capture your hypnotic sessions on the go.
    3. Mobile phone/tablet adapter. Tailored for ultimate compatibility. We include only genuine original manufacturers adapters to maintain 100% reliability.

    Unleash the power of Hypno-Com like never before, record your sessions with precision, and explore the limitless potential of your mobile devices. Embrace a new era of hypnotic exploration with the Hypno-Com Mobile/Tablet Recording Kit. Elevate your hypnotic journey today!

  • Premium Headset Upgrade for Hypno Coms 4,5,6 and 7


    They come with a much longer cable at 4.5m (Standards are 2.5m). Premium Headsets have tilt and twist ear cups that are extremely comfortable for all-day use. They also cup over the ear as opposed to sitting on the ear as per the standard headsets thus cutting out even more unwanted background noise.

    This is for two headsets, x1 for you (Therapist) and x1 for you client.