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SPECIAL OFFER – All new Hypno-coms 8’s purchased are currently supplied with a full set of copyright-free music tracks via We-Transfer, worth £45

Designed for the non-technical Hypnotherapist, the Hypno-Com’s deliberate Retro design cleverly conceals it’s up to date electronics and makes it very easy to use for therapists of all ages and from all eras. Often been described as ‘a consulting room in a box’ It mixes the therapist’s voice with background music or other sounds such as ocean waves etc, whilst eliminating noisy background sounds such as traffic and adjacent clinics, offices etc.

It can also be used to record live consultations seamlessly mixed with background music directly onto a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

The standard Hypno-Com kit includes full wiring, mains adapter and 2 sets of the New Premium Headsets.

It will work on all domestic mains voltage supplies worldwide, an appropriate adapter may be required please add an appropriate adapter to your basket.

We supply mains adapters for use in Europe, USA and Australia.


Note. To make recordings please also add the mobile link and mobile adapter to your basket.


International plugs Converters for use in USA, Australia and Europe.


2 reviews for HYPNO-COM 8 EXPERT

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    5 out of 5


    5 Star

    I recently integrated the Hypno 8 machine from Hypno Quip into my practice, and I am thrilled to share how it has truly revolutionised my work as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. This exceptional device, designed for non-technical practitioners, has had a profound impact on my sessions, thanks to its innovative features and ease of use. The Hypno-Com’s deliberate retro design, expertly concealing its modern electronics, has made it exceptionally user-friendly for therapists of all backgrounds and experience levels. Referred to as ‘a consulting room in a box,’ this device seamlessly blends the therapist’s voice with background music or ambient sounds like ocean waves, creating a serene and immersive atmosphere that enhances the therapeutic experience. One of the most remarkable aspects of the Hypno 8 machine is its ability to eliminate disruptive background noises, ensuring a peaceful environment for both the therapist and the client. This feature has been instrumental in helping my clients achieve deeper levels of trance, leading to heightened receptivity to suggestions and a more profound therapeutic experience. Furthermore, the machine’s seamless recording capability, allowing live consultations to be recorded with background music directly onto personal devices, has been a game-changer for my practice. The ability to review and analyse sessions has not only enhanced the quality of my work but has also led to better clinical outcomes for my clients. I must also mention that Kev, the owner of Hypno Quip, has been a pleasure to deal with. His dedication to providing exceptional products and support underscores the quality and reliability of the Hypno 8 machine. In conclusion, the Hypno 8 machine from Hypno Quip has exceeded my expectations and received glowing reviews from my clients. Their deeper trance levels have translated into improved clinical outcomes, making this device an invaluable asset in my practice. I wholeheartedly recommend the Hypno 8 machine to fellow Hypnotherapists seeking to enhance their work and deliver exceptional therapeutic results to their clients. from Chris O’Connor HPD DSFH mAfSFH Eccleston Park Hypnotherapy

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    5 out of 5


    Blessing to find hypnoquip

    I am writing this letter to relay my experience with the Hypno-com. When I first received it, I was initially thinking that it would take some time to get acclimated to the wiring, connections and how to use all the features. After taking it out of the box, I quickly saw how easy it was to follow along with the directions that were printed out along with the wonderful color coating and labeling on the equipment itself.

    I easily connected everything and within 15 minutes, I had to try it out to be sure it was functional. I was able to get hold of a willing participant, my eldest son. He sat down with me to have a mini hypnotherapy experience. He was delighted that he could hear me so clearly and speak back to me in nearly studio quality sound as was I that I could do the same from my side. I began to speak, and he easily settled into the moment while I exerted little to no strain from my side.

    My initial reasons for seeking out the potential option of the hypno-com (which I found serendipitously and without effort on a quick google search for Hypnotherapy headphones), was to find a solution to the previous strain I felt in my vocal muscles after a few client sessions of hypnotherapy. I also wanted to eliminate the strain so that my voice could come across softer and more gently to my client which would afford both the client and I a deeper and more relaxed state during therapy which of course equates to higher efficacy.

    In my subsequent sessions with my clients, I noticed an increase in my confidence as a hypnotherapist and an increase in the certainty that my clients would experience a deeper level of theta. I watched my clients experience a more relaxed and even cataleptic state of hypnosis using the machine. I know that this added feature to can, has created a one-of-a-kind experience that will keep my clients progressing forward out of their presenting issues and into freedom of the past way of thinking due to the deeper level of hypnosis they are able to experience by the noise cancelling quality of the headphones and the studio quality sound of the microphone. It is a blessing to have found Hypno-quip!

    Thank you, Kevin, for your engineering mind and intellectual curiosity to create a better solution for therapists. What a genius idea!

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